Feb 2, 2010

Winners for Mystery Giveaway and Other News

Thanks to everybody who entered my Mystery Giveaway. The winners (chosen by random.org) are: Anna, Joanne, and Vanessa.  Please email me your address so I can send your prezzies asap.

For those who aren't lucky enough this time, it could be your turn the next time around. A company has kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway. Stay in tune! :)

Now, to more personal news. Forgive my long absence, being on the move means I haven't had enough time and opportunities to be in the blogosphere regularly. As of today hubby and I are still in-between countries. There are things outside our control that contribute to that. Hopefully we would be able to know more about our next destination sometime this month, God willing.

Am I nervous? You bet. Am I excited? Without a doubt. I'm grateful for having friends and family who are being (mostly) understanding and supportive through this transition period. One sentence to sum up what I'm trying to say: in God we trust

And no, we're not moving to USA, partly because "There are no cats in America" - I can't possibly live in a place that has no cats! Hehehe... FYI, it's a song from the movie "An American Tail", which was one of my favourite movies when I grew up.

Things to come:
- visiting Sephora stores in Singapore.
- reviews for MUFE Aqua Eyes eyeliners and mascara (as promised here).
- more photos & travel stories.
- post(s) about music (I haven't forgotten your request, Anna).
- post about acne-busting products (nor have I forgotten yours, Clorivak).

'till next time!

Music the Vagabond

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