Dec 10, 2009

Mystery Giveaway

Originally I was planning to do a "Relocation Giveaway" since I found out that we're moving overseas again. Then last week I was sick with nanovirus. Plus I had to sort out lots of things. God willing, in less than 12 hours we're flying off to meet my parents for Christmas in Indonesia. In short, I didn't have time to take pictures of things I wanted to share with you. Therefore the "Mystery Giveaway"! :)

All good things comes in three. So you could be amongst the THREE winners who would receive any of these goodies (and more):
- something pink and something green,
- something silver and something black,
- something white and something rainbows.
1. The giveaway is open internationally, excluding Martians and aliens from other planets.
2. You get 1 chance for being my follower/subscriber (buttons on the left) - only do it if you like reading my musings, skincare/makeup rave & rants, and love seeing my travel pictures. Make sure you leave a comment under this post to say you're entering, otherwise I'm asumming you're not interested to enter.
3. You get 2 more chances for spreading the word about this mystery giveaway. Do a blog post (using the above picture)/Tweet/Facebook/Friendster/whatever about it. Please attach the link so I know you've done that.
4. Open from now until end of 31Dec 09 31 Jan 10. Three (3) winners will be chosen using after the closing date.

I'll give you glimpses of the prezzies through pictures once I get the time and the internet connection to do it. (edit: I've added the photos of some of the prezzies here and also here.)

All for now, have to sleep, ready for my flight later! :)


Evil Angel said...

Is it OK if I'm an alien living on Earth?

I posted in my sidebar here

I've been stalking umm I mean following you for a while! :P

Joanne said...

Hi! I just happened upon your blog from Beautifully Glossy's Post and Shame response to your challenge :-)

I've been looking for inspiration to finish my Project 10 Pan and now I know that there's someone out there who can do a 3 month No-Buy right into a Post and Shame! Way to go ;-)

I don't have a blog, but imagine 60+ lipsticks and 30+ full-sized blushes (20 of which are unopened) for my Post&ExtremelyShamed...

Yvette Lee Fell said...

Hey like your style...mystery girl...
I'll link to my blog and tweet too!

nihrida said...

Hey, hun! I'd like to join too. =)
I'm your follower.

Vanessa said...

hi, i am a follower :)

i blogged about your giveaway here:


Anna said...

Mmmm...let me I like reading your musings, raves & rants and looking at your travel pictures? Do I love solving your mysteries (birds, anyone?)? Do I think you're a cool flamingo? Yes to all of the above! No flattery, just the truth, promise! Would love to find out what the mystery prizes are, though!! xx

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