Oct 19, 2010

Book Fever

Today is all about books. Just because I'm still having fever on and off this week. This "Woman Flu" is worst than what I had before. Thank God for books!

Here are the ones I've finished in the past few weeks. Look away if you don't like reading...

"A Healthy Place to Die" by Peter King - It's one of his Gourmet Detective series. I love the mix of murders and culinary adventures. There are some real cooking hints in there, and the way he describes food made me salivate sometimes... Overall a fun book to relax with.

"The Shakespeare Curse" by J.L. Carrell - Honestly I don't really like it. It has some good ideas, but I found the settings too creepy. I prefer her first book "The Shakespeare Secret". Basically both her books are historical fictions based on speculations about Shakespeare's life and how his plays came to being, peppered with quotations and historical facts about (who else) Shakespeare. I've never read nor seen any Shakespeare's plays, so in a way her books are quite "educational" in nature. Her endings are terrible though, she takes the easy way out of the complicated premises she has dangled throughout the books... not satisfying enough for this bookworm (= moi).

"Mozarella Most Murderous" by Nancy Fairbanks - I haven't read her books for ages, so it was good to be reminded of her sense of humour. Good adventurous fun, she is spot on in her descriptions of different nationalities involved. I had lot of LOL moments while reading it. Love it. The recipes included are fantastic, too.

"The Edge of Apocalypse" by Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall - For those of you who are fans of LaHaye's Left Behind series, don't expect this to be similar. It's different. In a good way, in my opinion. I found some parts in Left Behind books made me cringe at times. Not this book. To me the style is like a more sedate Grisham. Good, but not as engrossing as Ted Dekker's thrillers. What to do, I'm bias, I'm a huge fan of Ted Dekker. And not just because we grew up in the same country - Indonesia! :) And no, I've never met him. Not yet... hehehe... Btw, I've ordered a new Ted Dekker book from the library. Can't wait - his books always made me burn the midnight oil... (um, perhaps better not to have it before I get better...)

"Poirot Investigates" by Agatha Christie - I've read some of the short stories in this collection. Nevertheless, I still find Poirot irresistible. His grey cells are just amazing. I like reading Hasting's familiar blunders, too.
Yesterday I started reading Agatha Christie's play "Witness for the Prosecution", written as the original manuscript for the stage play, with instructions for stage direction, decor, and theatrical props. I found it a bit overwhelming at first, blame it on the fever. Once I started to get the hang of the manuscript, it's actually quite enjoyable.
So those are my recent book adventures. What have YOU read recently?

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GlossQueen said...

You're having a bad run of illness at the moment, I hope you feel better soon!

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