Oct 13, 2010

"Woman Flu", Anyone?

The famous "Man Flu" was over in 2 days, helped by endless amount of "Magnum P.I." on dvds. Until I hummed the theme song in my sleep...

Then "Woman Flu" attacked for 2 solid weeks. Sore throat, fever, body ache, swollen sinus, followed by itchy hives caused by allergic reaction to something - possibly the mosquito spray.

Thank God for online grocery shopping, internet connection (patchy service but useful regardless), heaps of books and newspapers. Kept me entertained while being stuck at home.

I'm supposed to trial something soon, hopefully it doesn't get lost in the post. I'll let you know what that is when I got it. Please don't nick my product, postwoman! :)


Anna said...

Oh poor you! I should have come over with some nice chicken soup for you, but I'm not sure they'd have allowed me on the plane with all that liquid!!! What are you reading at the moment? Anything good? Have to order some books in English and was hoping for some suggestions! Take care, my dear Flamingo! xx

Music said...

Sorry for late reply, a bit tired & feverish again. Thanks for the lovely thoughts, Anna! :)

I'll answer your question in a post, too many books.... hehehe...

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