Mar 16, 2011

Kit Cosmetics Lip Sheen

"Minty shine for soft lips and fresh breath" - that's what it says on my tube of Kit Cosmetics Lip Sheen. I've been on the hunt for a lip balm as my lips have felt dry recently, thanks to full-blown A/C to ward off humidity and heat in Cairns. I also feel hot, hot, hot as a result of being pregnant.

I don't want to use any lip balm that contains rosemary, just being cautious because I've heard that rosemary isn't recommended during pregnancy. Which means all of my favourite lip balms (including Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm ) are out of the list. I went around shops for ages trying to find one I like with no avail. Most of the stuffs I saw had mineral oil, rosemary oil, or vit. A/retinol (a huge no-no for pregnant women) on them. It was so frustrating. Too many lip balms on sale, but NONE seem to be what I wanted.

Then, suddenly I remembered: I haven't looked inside my special box where I keep all my brand new/unused cosmetics. That's how I "found" this moisturising lip thing - I got it ages ago, before I left Perth back in 2009.... yup, it has been that long... I haven't even removed the seal from the tube, I've totally forgotten that I have it. Thankfully it's still good (it has the sign "24M" on the tube).

A quick check on the ingredients list reveal no mineral oil, no rosemary, no retinol. Happy me have been using it since. I'm pleased to say that I really love this lip sheen. It's moisturising, it feels slightly thick without being sticky (like Vaseline consistency, sans the mineral oil), it has refreshing minty taste, and it doesn't make me gag (yup, I still feel nauseous even though I'm waaaaaaay over the 1st pregnancy trimester).

Verdict: another best friend for fussy (read: pregnant) me.

I have to add that it feels a little strange talking about lip sheen after what I've been through recently (including surviving cyclone Yasi, but that's another post for another time). And yes, this post feels very trivial compared to the earthquake & tsunami in Japan (I have a friend who works there, thankfully he and his family are ok). However, life goes on. Let's just say I need a little distraction from all the seriousness of life... no offense, I can't risk being stressed out too much when I'm having a little life forming inside me. Like my best friends said, "sometimes you have to be selfish, for your sake".

Ingredients: polybutene, ethyl hexyl palmitate, tricontanyl pvp, beeswax, mentha piperita (peppermint oil), menthol, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), persea gratissima (vocado oil), simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil), saccharin.

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GlossQueen said...

I'd forgotten how much I loved this balm, I used mine up ages ago. I'm glad you're loving it. I really want to get the tinted version, not that I need any more lip balms :)

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