Jan 16, 2009

Peppermint Foot Lotion and Lip Balm

Occasionally I contract a "foot in mouth" disease, when my mouth speaks faster than my brains. So I'll start this from the bottom to the top.

A little caution: I've heard about people being allergic to peppermint. So it's always good to do a spot test before trying any new things. As with other things, what I like you might not like, vice versa. So don't blame me if you don't like them! Hahaha... See, even my disclaimers are at the top, just to turn things around a bit.

I love it when pepperminty products deliver real pepperminty kick like this one does. The foot lotion "refresh and soothe" my tired feet, just like it says on the tube. I don't notice any moisturising effect, which isn't a problem as it never claimed to be.

Verdict: Very musical (= highly recommended).

Natural meter: 100% natural - LOVE! #

Ingredients *:
Water, sunflower oil, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, beeswax, peppermint oil, stearic acid (vegetable fat), witch hazel, glucose (sugar), sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), wheat germ oil, tea tree oil, parsley leaf oil, orange wax, tocopherol (vitamin E), rosemary leaf extract, menthol, sodium borate (natural borax), xanthan gum, sucrose stearate (sugar emulsifier), glucose oxidase & lactoperoxidase (natural enzymes).

I'm not a huge fan of lip balms/lip glosses/lipsticks. I could do without any lip products, or so I thought before I tried this lip balm.

I'm addicted to the instant hit of peppermint zing on my lips. Personally I think the fresh feeling stays longer than after using minty toothpaste. It's an essential part of my bedtime rituals now, I can't sleep without applying the lip balm first (after brushing my teeth, of course!)

On most days I only use it once a day, but the difference is noticeable: my lips are smooth and moisturised.

It also does everything it says on the tube:
- Soothing (yup)
- Cooling (absolutely)
- Refreshing (without doubt)

A word of caution: do not use if you're allergic to lanolin.

Verdict: Very musical (= highly recommended).

Natural meter: 100% natural - LOVE! #

Ingredients *:
Beeswax, coconut oil, sunflower oil, tocopheryl acetate & tocopherol (vitamin E), lanolin, peppermint oil, comfrey root extract, rosemary extract.

* found on my products, not sure why they're slightly different from the list on their webpage

# according to the webpage.

I love the fact that Burt's Bees products contain REAL natural ingredients and honestly says how many percent of the product is natural. Unlike some overpriced, overrated, over-hyped bogus "natural" products with misleading advert... don't even get me started on those... my beauty friends should know which particular brand I'm thinking of... The "ghost" of skincare past... Hehehe...


Anonymous said...

Oh we think alike...love love love Peppermint! I use the MaMa Bee Peppermint Oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract Foot Cream, most nights before going to bed, can't live without it!

GlossQueen said...

I'm loving all the peppermint products Music. In fact after reading all your peppermint posts I had to go out and buy some peppermint chocolate biscuits, hehe.

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