Apr 10, 2009

Here, There, and Everywhere: Updates

Time flies...

There are a couple of things that happened since my last post.

As you know I was Excitedly Nervous before meeting Glossqueen on 31st March. I was pleased that we recognized each other on the day. Swapping photos through mobile phones helped. :)

I think the meet went really well. We had lunch at Matsuri. I ordered the Vegetable Tempura - it was super yummy! The consistency was just right: the batter was crispy, not soggy, as good tempura should be. I'm salivating right now thinking about how good the food was. Most importantly, the company was even better, GQ and I got along well. She was as nice as I thought she would be. Hehehe... We talked about various things, including swapping funny stories about hubby and Groomzilla. I wish we had met earlier, I really enjoyed GQ's company...

We had been talking about American Beauty and Flirt! sale at Target on our emails prior to the meet. We had bought some stuffs on our own prior to the meet. Needless to say we had to "investigate" the counters together. I'm proud to say that we were being very good and did NOT give in to temptation to acquire new stuffs from there. We bought nothing, nil, zilch, nada from AB and Flirt! counters. :)

We swapped stuffs, too. I'm a lippy novice, so my new loots courtesy of GQ should keep me amused for a while. Some of them have come in handy, like when I was stucked in a hotel that didn't provide shower gels (horror of horrors! I don't like using hotel's soaps, they always dry out my skin. Yucks.) The Philosophy bath/shower/shampoo sachet came to the rescue. Currently I'm using the travel size shampoo and conditioner I got from the swap. More about them next time.

Most of my new loots had to be packed in the container as I couldn't hand carry them with me on my travel adventures. Which brings me to another subject: Moving. As it happened, the household removers booked by hubby's company came in on the same day of my meet with GQ! The movers came in at 7.30am, packed everything on the day and came back the next day to load everything to the container ready to be shipped overseas.

After that everything seemed to be in a blur. Not "blurred" in a conservative sense, as I remember everything that happened afterwards. "Blur" as in everything else went very quickly, at super speed level, like Superman zipping through the sky.

Hubby and I stayed in a Perth hotel for 2 nights before flying to Singapore. There were some dramas about botched hotel booking, courtesy of someone at hubby's company (more juicy stories next time). I'm pleased to say that our stay at Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel was a very pleasing experience, no dramas whatsoever. Excellent room at excellent price (found a bargain rate on internet), fantastic service, and the staffs were as courteous as the reviews on Trip Advisor (I NEVER book a hotel without checking the reviews there first. So far it has saved me from making a stupid mistake of booking a sub-standard accommodation. Totally recommended if you're into travelling, the reviews are quite honest.)

We ate loads of local Singapore food, including but not limited to: roti prata, yong tau fu, durian puffs, curry puffs, mee siam, fish balls, fried dumplings, you tiao, sushi, various breads from Bread Talk, indian rojak (thankfully not at the stall that caused the food poisoning brouhaha at the moment). Fruits wise, I ate guavas, papayas, and dragonfruit, while hubby ate loads of pineapples.

I've mentioned before that I'm a perfume lover. And I wanted to buy Hermes perfumes as a result of reading The Perfect Scent book. Of course I gave in to temptation and bought some, Singapore is one of the cheapest place to get perfumes. Original ones, not fakes. Watch the space for more details and reviews of my newest loots (inclusive two handbags).

Since it was a whirlwind trip (read: last minute travel arrangement) we didn't get to notify many friends (Ron, very sorry didn't contact you, not enough time lah! Next time, k?!). We did have a drink with two good friends there.

We flew to England (yup, it's our final destination for now) on a night flight on 7th April. Arrived very early morning the next day. More dramas. And jet lag, thus I'm typing this in the middle of the night...

I better stop now. I promise to write more about the juicy details, dramas and all, when I have the time and when I have more internet access. Hope you enjoy reading this update. :)

P.S. Click here for GQ's version of our meet. I've only just read it!! :) It's funny that both of us thought we talked too much. Great minds think alike. Hehehe... I thoroughly enjoyed our meet.


GlossQueen said...

I'm so glad you got there okay, I've been wondering when we'd get the next update.

After what you've told me, I'm not at all surprised that your hotel booking was messed up!

Gem said...

Yeah well talking to much is surely a Geminian trait...lots of Gemini's around here...LOL

Glad you both finally got to meet :)

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