Mar 18, 2009

We're "moving moving"!

It's time to let the cat out of the bag. I've been on and off because we're RELOCATING OVERSEAS soon!!

Two weeks ago hubby received the termination letter from his company. With barely a day notice. Expected, though the timing was unexpected as he had just started working on a new project. He wasn't the only one who got the letter. Apparently there was no logic nor pattern to why they were all being let go. Hubby's boss was mad, as with new projects coming up he's only left with 2 seniors to do the jobs, the rest of the "leftovers" are newly graduate people who still had plenty to learn. Very stupid of the decision maker, as hubby's latest client was paying him by the hour, split 50-50 between him and the company. So letting go of hubby means letting go of part of the company's income. See, I told you, there's no logic to it...

I must have had a hunch about it (or did God let me know beforehand?) when I wrote my post about Vicky Beeching's lyrics.

We're here on working visa, so we had to decide where to move to next. We wondered whether we should renew our NZ residency visa that expired last year. Or move back to UK, though my UK residency is invalid as I've left the country for more than two years.

With the way things go we had to make a quick decision. Within 5 days we made our decision. So began the race to sort our paperwork as soon as possible. Plus other hassles that come with moving countries.

We've lived in 4 different countries in our 7 years of marriage. Not a newbie in the "moving country" department. By now we know the drill quite well. Doesn't make things easier. We know it's the right time to move on. God has closed the door here, we trust that He will open another door somewhere out there. In His perfect timing.

Through thirty-two summers and thirty-two winters
I've laughed in the spring time
I've cried in the rain
Though I've questioned the meaning
Of some of life's seasons
It's true that they've left me holding on tighter to You.

Am I nervous? You bet. Am I scared? No. 'cause I know God has led me so far and He has prepared my future for me.

So that's my news for now. I've only told a couple of friends about it. With this post the news is official. In the mean time I'll keep you guessing which country we've decided to move to.


GlossQueen said...

So when are you going to tell us where you're going?

And btw, you've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'll miss you Music not being in the same country...I guess the internet makes it that bit easier! Good Luck with your move and keep us updated! :)

Anonymous said...

good luck with the move music :) I hope you keep in contact with your Aussie pals :)

Somewhere in Europian?

apricot3 said...

I feel it in me water's that youse will be relocating to the South of France!!! Best of luck music (oh and of course Mr music)

ShutterBug said...

Heye! You guys are moving?!


I'm actually going over to Perth next month end for a wedding shoot and hope to meet you guys up! When's the big relocation? :)

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