Apr 21, 2009

Perfumes Distractions

Previously I mentioned about buying Hermes perfumes in Singapore. Some of you might remember I've been talking about them since my last smelling spree.

So here's the list of my perfume loot (all Hermes):
- Un Jardin Sur Le Nil (full size: 100ml) + 2 minis (15ml) + mini shower gel + mini body lotion
What can I say, it lives up to my expectations! As Eau de Toilette the scent actually lasted a long time.
- Kelly Caleche miniature: haven't used it properly yet. In my opinion the scent settles down to something that's similar to Un Jardin Sur Le Nil's base note, but sharper.
- Terre d'Hermes: for hubby. Good thing he loves it. Otherwise I would have kept it for myself. LOL. The scent reminds me very much of Jo Malone's Lime, Basil, and Mandarin.
- Eau Des Merveilles : for mother-in-law. I think she likes it...

So that's my mini reviews of the perfumes.
As for now I don't have regular access to internet, so my updates might be a bit patchy. I do missed blogging and reading others' blogs.

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