May 6, 2009

Being Vagabond and BLT

= Broadband, Life, Trials and Tribulations

FINALLY we have our own internet connection! It's Pay As You Go type (= prepaid broadband). As of today we're still of "no fixed abode" so we figured the portability of the "no-plan" mobile broadband suits us well.

Hubby is running some errands so I'm taking the opportunity to write a bit about what's happening.

Firstly, I forgot to mention Hermes Fabourg in my last article about perfume loot from Singapore. It's still untouched in it's wrapper. When I put on the tester in the shop it actually lasted the whole day. Quite a strong perfume that suits cold/wintery days. Not that it makes that much difference here in England, as the weather is generally much cooler than Perth (obviously...). Last week we had some sunny warm days, so I'm not complaining. I've always loved English weather, I love cooler countries better than hot ones.

Oops, hubby is back. I better hand back the laptop as he needs to continue job hunting again. Till next time! :)

1 comment:

GlossQueen said...

Welcome back Music! I'm glad you've got your own internet connection, hope it's all going well over there :)

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