Sep 8, 2010

Another Power Cut

The title says it all. Now you know why I can't blog as regularly as I did.

I'm officially living in an un-civilized place. Even "developing countries" don't have this much power cut. Atrocious. Perhaps it's to "celebrate" Labour being in power again?! Now that they've won the election, looks like they have started cuttting services. So NOT supporting Labour. Blah.


Anna said...

Ah, my dear Music, always funny! At least you don't play electric guitar............ ;) xx

Alice said...

We regularly have power problems here in suburban Newcastle, too. From talking to people who work for the local power company, it appears that the NSW state government (also Labor) are so broke that they are demanding that the power companies pay dividends to the government in preference to doing "avoidable" maintenance. I've heard that the same goes for the water companies. :(

Music said...

Anna: my brother does. That's why clever him stays in Sydney! :D

Alice: I've never been a Labour supporter. Look at what happened in England, NZ, and OZ whenever they're in power: Disasters. There, I've said it.

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