Sep 2, 2010

Napoleon Perdis Protégé Lip Gloss

Firstly, picture of The Aromatherapy Bar Soap is now up.

Back to business. I received NP Protégé Lip Gloss limited edition for doing a survey. The packaging says: "This limited edition strawberry-flavoured lip gloss is the secret to lustrous lips 24/7. A built-in mirror ensures ease of application, while Bees Wax nourishes and protects your pout. Result: lips are left super-shiny."

I was intrigued when I first read about the mirror description on the box. I thought it would be like a Nina Ricci lipstick I had many years ago: mirror on the side of the lipstick cover, to make it easier to touch up. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the mirror is actually on the back of the applicator, making it impossible to see your reflection while applying it... What's the point then? A bit daft in my opinion, why can't they stick it on the side of the tube instead??

Enough with the mirror rants. The gloss actually tastes like strawberry smoothie, even the textures makes me think of smoothie. I love the light peachy-tone (I'm not sure whether you can tell from the picture). On its own it creates glossy nude lips. Worn on top of lipliner it creates a stronger but subtle effect.

Verdict: I like. :) Apart from the silly mirror - what were they thinking?! Really...

Ingredients: Polyisobutylene, 2-Ethylhexylp Almitate, Paraffin, Poly-isobutylene, White Mineral Oil, Gellants, Butylated Hydroxystearic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis, 2-Phenoxyethanol, Mineral Oil, Silica Dimethyl SSilylate, Butyrospernum Parkii Seed Oil, Synthetic Beeswax, Bisabolol, D & C Red No. 6 Iron Oxides, Yellow Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Perfume.


Anna said...

Haha, no really, the put the mirror on the back of the applicator??? Mad!! But it does sound really yummy, although from where I'm standing it looks more strawberry milkshake than peachy, but I guess it's different on the lips (peachy sounds better, especially this time of the year in the Northern hemisphere!). Sorry I haven't commented on your last posts...silly blogger is not showing me your updates, luckily I checked to see if u were still alive! xx

Music said...

My photography skill isn't good enough to reflect the peachy-ness It IS a nice lipgloss, with "mirror imperfection". Hahaha...

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