Dec 6, 2009


Don't let the pretty pastel colours deceive you (originally from here). They're not an advert of the latest makeup range that I'm interested to get. They're actually pictures of horrible creatures called Noroviruses.

Why the sudden interest? They're the cause of my recent suffering. The doctor at A&E told me so this morning. It's also somehow beauty-related, as being infected has left me feeling (and looking) very dehydrated, my combination/oily skin becoming very dry. Flaky skin isn't a trendy look, I'll say! Not to mention the effect dehydration has on my brains - personally I think my IQ level has gone down a couple of notches...

Here are some descriptions taken from NHS webpage.

"The symptoms of a norovirus usually start between 24-48 hours after the initial infection, although they can start after as little as 12 hours. The first symptom is usually a sudden onset of nausea, which is followed by projectile vomiting and watery diarrhoea. Some people may also have: a mild fever, headaches, stomach cramps, or aching limbs.

In rare cases of the norovirus, seizures can occur. Symptoms normally last between 12-60 hours, although most people make a full recovery within one to two days. However, the diarrhoea may last slightly longer."

If you're interested to know more, clicking on "NHS webpage" will bring you straight there.


Selina said...

Oh you have my sympathies, I had norovirus about five years ago and it was horrible, just horrible.

*sends hugs*

Music said...

Thanks, Selina. :) What makes it worse, MIL makes such a huge fuss about it, as if it was my fault I got it. Doctor said it wasn't something I ate. If it was food, he said I would be having the vomitting AND dodgy tum together at the same time, not staggered like what I have.

GlossQueen said...

Yuk, that sounds horrible. Stupid MIL as if you'd purposely get sick just before you go away. Maybe it was having to live with her that made you sick, hehe.

Music said...

LOL, I love your line of reasoning, GQ! Perhaps they should be called MILminions instead. :D Ah, I'm feeling better already now.

Replica said...

I hope you are feeling better now. I think its being doing the rounds, I was really ill lately, turned out it was a viral Gastroenteritis, was so sick and my skin has gone super dry and almost feels rough, lovely ! xx

Cynthia said...

The norovirus was going around one of the schools in my area a while back. It sounds really miserable!

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