Dec 27, 2009

Something Borrowed Something Blue

The "Blue" refers to the colour of the sky where I am now: Indonesia. So far I've been to Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta to visit my parents and the many relatives that come with them - my mum and dad have 6 (six) siblings each. It has been good to be here, as hubby gets to meet lots of my relatives he hasn't met before.

The "Borrowed" refers to the fact that I'm typing this from my cousin's computer, which also explains my absence. Not to fear, I have loads of photos to upload from this trip. I still don't know when or where I would be able to update this blog next. If I don't see you 'till the new year, rest assured that I'm (hopefully) still alive and well, but computer-less. :)

With this I'd like to wish you all a blessed new year ahead. Thank you for being my cyber-friends. :D


Anna said...

Miss you, Music! But I know you're having a great time and I look forward to reading/seeing all about your journey! Happy holidays and a truly wonderful New Year! Hugs, xx

GlossQueen said...

Happy new year! I hope you have a wonderful holiday xxx

nihrida said...

I think I hate you! =) No no no...I just envy you. I want to see Indonesia too. Someday. Have fun, honey! :*

Music said...

Thanks, girls! :D

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