Mar 4, 2009

Kenya: school projects

We visited some school projects funded by our church.

Nazarene Empathy Nursery School: the nursery for orphans in one of the widows groups. They sang beautifully and were a very polite bunch of kids. Because of AIDS there are a lot of orphans raised up by relatives, grandparents, or neighbours. Very sad. The kids seemed very content though...

Next is the Ka Chieng School. They have a garden project to teach students how to grow plants. Quite impressive, giving them useful skills for life, like the saying: "Don't give a man fish, give him a rod and teach him how to fish." Because the water pump & water tank were broken, they have to get water from the river, somewhere downhill across the road. We're so spoiled in the western world!

School kids at Ka Chieng school: ready for assembly. They sang for us before the visiting team gave some words to them, followed by Q&A time. Fantastic kids...

School rules at Ka Chieng School: pasted outside the classroom. We found them amusing.

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