Mar 3, 2009

Vicky Beeching

I haven't listened to my music collections for a while. The other day I listened to "Painting the Invisible" album by Vicky Beeching, my favourite singer/songwriter.

Whenever I sing this song I change the words "twenty-six" into whatever age I'm at. Yeah, I'm not twenty six anymore... :)

"I don't know what the future holds
All that lies beyond my horizon
The years ahead are just out of sight
Well I think sometimes that You hide them
So that I'll walk by faith and not sight
So I'll take Your hand holding tight

Through twenty-six summers and twenty-six winters
I've laughed in the spring time
I've cried in the rain
Though I've questioned the meaning
Of some of life's seasons
It's true that they've left me holding on tighter to You

My one desire for the road ahead
Is that we would walk it together
Friend and King, You're my everything
May I stay by Your side forever
For when my heart's afraid, You're near
Whispering to my soul, "don't fear"

And I will trust in You alone
For You're the hand leading me home...

I've spent twenty-six summers and twenty-six winters with You
Through all of the seasons
And my search for reasons
You've carried me through
I will keep holding on to You."

(Twenty-Six Summers, Vicky Beeching, 2007)

Yes, God, I'll keep holding on to You! :)

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