Mar 7, 2009

Tall and Skinny, Big and Dumpy

Here are photos from Samburu.

The baby giraffe is just sooooooooooooooooooo cute! :)

Despite their docile appearance, elephants can be very fierce and dangerous. One of them was annoyed by us, shook his massive ears, blew his trumpet, getting ready to charge. Needless to say our driver moved the vehicle quickly to escape the elephant's wrath! It was quite a scary moment. I prefer to be near a wild lion than a wild elephant... Shudders...

Elephants crossing... we counted about 40 elephants altogether. Old and young, big and small, they crossed the river in orderly manner. The babies were well positioned between the adults, to protect them from being easy target.

A beautiful oryx in the wild.


Anonymous said...

What an exprerience to be so close to those extraordinary animals, must of been a litte scary?!

evadeviva said...

actually, elephants are very docile and gentle, this one probably just happened to be a little miffed at your appearance.
you wouldn't want anyone to come breaking down your door either.

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