Feb 27, 2009

Fresh Rain in Kenya

The other day it rained almost the whole day. Made a refreshing change to very hot summer days. The rain took me back to the time when we were in Kenya with some friends to visit local projects our church was supporting.

Lucky us stayed in a "posh" house with western style bathroom and toilet, though the water pipe was broken the whole time we were there. Every day the local ladies went down to the river to get us a big drum of water for showering. It was a dry summer so we had to save as much water as possible. We also felt a little guilty if the local ladies had to make an extra trip to the river when we ran out of water. It's along way to the river.

We had to stand on a big plastic bucket while showering so we could use the water to flush the toilet. 2 small buckets of water per person for shower. Everyone had to refrain from flushing the toilet, though flushing was a must after "big business".

One day there was an unexpected heavy rain. So a friend and I grabbed the opportunity. Us girls changed into our swimming costumes, took our bath towels, shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner with us. We went out to the side of the house where the water was pouring down from the roof, forming a natural shower stream.

The pure rain water felt so good. Water in abundance means we could took shower as long as we wanted, taking our time slowly to wash our hair and just soaked ourselves in the glorious amount of water nature provided. It felt like finding a gold mine, we screamed loudly like excited children, the rainwater was very cold!

The rest of the people stayed inside the house, taking shelter from the rain. The locals were amused, they couldn't see us but they could hear our screaming, they thought my friend and I had gone mad over the rain.

It was one of the most luxurious showering experience in my life.


trishiekoh said...

That sounds like an amazing experience!

Anonymous said...

I agree, there is nothing better than having a shower in pure rainwater. We have our own rain water tank that we use for everything.

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