Feb 9, 2009

Diamond Tree

We visited the Diamond Tree on our way to the Valley of the Giants the other day. It was once used as a bush fire watch tower.

The tour guide gave us 2 choices:
- having lunch there, or
- climbing to the top of the tree, having lunch later on the bus.

I looked at the height of the tree. See how small the watch tower looked on the photo below?

Then I looked at the wide spacings between the ladders.

I tried to imagine myself climbing up using those metal bars.

I chose the easiest option: lunch there. I didn't want to be stucked in the middle on my way down. Plus I was hungry. Plus only 4 people are allowed to be on the tree at any point of time.

So we sat on a wooden bench and had lunch. With the Diamond Tree on one side, the forest on the other side.

Hubby found a funny looking tree stump:

I wish this post is about real diamonds, the expensive solid shiny polished rocks variety. Perhaps next time. Hehehe...

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