Feb 17, 2009

In Essence Electric Vaporiser

I like my surroundings to smell nice. I already have 2 candle burners: one for melts and one for essential oils. The problem is, sometimes I forgot to replace the candle. Or forgot to buy more candles. So for the past few years I had considered getting an electric version.

I finally bought In Essence Electric Vaporiser in December. Mine is the white one, as Myer ran out of the darker colour.

The box said it "has been designed to maintain an optimum temperature to slowly release oil vapors over a period of time."

Here's how I would normally use it:

1. Fill the bowl with warm water up to the inner border. I find this amount of water lasts for about 6 hours.
2. Add 8-10 drops of essential oils.
3. Switch it on - the light underneath the logo will be on.

To clean: wipe the bowl with damp cloth and eucalyptus oil.

I use it as a humidifier/room refresher/mood lifter. Very useful in dry weather condition (or when the A/C is in full blast) as I can turn it on and "forget" about it for 6 hours straight.

I haven't used electric vaporiser from other brands so I've got nothing to compare this one with. I've used it a few times. So far so good. I love the sleek bowl design and colours. Some others I've seen look quite bulky comparably.

One thing that bugs me: I don't like the placement of the brand name and logo on the bowl. Given the choice I'd rather buy a plain looking burner that has the brand tucked in discreetly underneath. Just personal preference.

Verdict: practical and useful gadget, musically approved (apart from the brand placement).

Some of my favourite essential oil blends:
- 3 drops of lavender oil + 3 drops of cedarwood oil + 3 drops of lime oil.
- 5 drops of lavender oil + 4 drops of lime oil.
- my all time favourite: Sanctuary Spa's relaxing blend of sandalwood, bois the rose, patchouli (from UK).


Anonymous said...

That's funny Music, as I went to use my oil burner today. No candles!!...what a disappointment!

Anyway I purchase my candles from Big W, 60 tea lights for around $7? So not bad really considering they burn and melt away...LOL

Or maybe I should just look in Myer for the one that you have?...hehehe

Anonymous said...

O.K no more wasting money on candles. I purchased the electric vaporiser this morning from Myer! I choose the light creamy one to match my kitchen. I don't know why I didn't get one before...it's fantastic!

Music said...

Good to hear you like it, Gem. No more wasting money on matches, too. A more practical way of scenting a room IMO. :)

Wendy said...

Some tip for caring for your electric aromatherapy vaporiser:
- Always clean your vaporiser when it is warm.
- Always wipe out your vaporiser when you are about to use a different oil or blend.
- Clean your vaporiser regularly - a quick wipe before you add fresh oil is usually all that is needed.
- Using a damp cloth should be sufficient to clean your vaporiser if you follow these simple rules.

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