Feb 6, 2009

William Bay

On the way back from the Valley of the Giants we had a short stop at William Bay.

I didn't want to get wet, so I sat on the side doing people watching while hubby got his feet wet in the water. He said it was cold!

The tour guide said that from where we were it's:
- 4,000km to the Antarctic (in the south)
- 5,000km to Darwin (in the north)

Makes me want to go to the South Pole now...


trishiekoh said...

Hey i think we did the exact same tour! After the tree top walk my tour guide took us to william bay too!
Did you have some wonderful homecooked dinner at the aboriginal cultural cultural on the way back?

Music said...

Yup, we did have yummy dinner at the kodja place. Must be the same tour! :)

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