Feb 26, 2009

I've been tagged!

... by the cute Little Dress Design's trishiekoh.

The rules of the game is to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer and write about it. My fourth folder is empty, so I'm changing the rules: to post the third picture in the third folder on my computer and write about it before passing the tag along to others.

My picture happens to be this avatar.

The story behind it:
1. I love cats.
2. Notice the words. Cats think they own humans. Enough said.
3. The tiara was a tribute to my online friend: Princess75.

Since "three" seems to be my theme here, I'm tagging 3 friends: my old friend Ron from Singapore and my new friends from OZ: Gem and GQ.

1 comment:

trishiekoh said...

Love the pink tiara!

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