Feb 12, 2009

In Essence: Donation and Sale

After the recent devastating events in Victoria, I found out that In Essence, one of my favourite brands, have donated thousands of essential toiletries (soaps, shampoo, conditioner) to the Salvation Army to deliver to the crisis centres and camps in need.

They have also pledged to donate 25% of all In Essence website and factory outlet sales (until 28th Feb) to the Australian Red Cross: Victorian Bushfire Appeal 2009.

Shopping with a cause, this I like. "Pink Washing" I do not like.
Stating upfront the exact percentage of the donation pledged: this I like best.

Best bargain: Scents of Zanzibar (RRP $28.90) on sale for $9.95.

Or click here to start your "shopping with a cause" with In Essence gift packs.

P.S. I'm not paid to write anything on my blog and I don't receive any commission either. :)

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