Sep 17, 2009

The Body Shop: Questionable Ethics?

I was about to write about The Body Shop's Eye Definer today. I changed my mind after reading the news here (thanks to Londonmakeupgirl).

In a way I feel kind of sad. The Body Shop was the shop that introduced me to the concept of "natural" and "ethical" products back in the 90s when I was a teenager. My very first purchase after I started earning was Body Shop's face mask, soaps, and a bottle of peach perfume oil. I remember that I could get a free refill of shower gel once I've returned 10 empty plastic bottles back to them. What a great recycling concept, started long before "being green" is fashionable!

It seemed that they have really changed over the years. I really hope someone would start remembering the reason the brand was there in the first place...


Grace London said...

Hi , and thanks for the mention :)

TBS (and L'oreal, as the parent company) are denying all knowledge of the dispossessed farmers, and I think the supplier is claiming the same thing too - although how credible the claim is by the supplier is questionable, as the farmers claim to have registered their interest before the sale of the land.

I can't help but feeling that this would have been much less likely to have happened under Dame Roddick's rule, and the brand has changed a huge amount since the change in ownership. I remember she said she'd never sell an anti-ageing cream or a cellulite cream, and now TBS has both.

Music said...

Well, she once said, "In Tahiti the women have skin like velvet and they simply take a lump of lard and rub it into their bodies." :)

I think the change had started even before the ownership change? What a shame though, I really like Body Shop's concept back in the 90s.

Clorivak said...

That is such a let down..while I never really used the products I was happy that a big company such as them made a stand about the issues. It just goes to show most large companies are all into saving bucks and will compromise their ethics for the almight dollar. What a Shame.

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