Sep 6, 2009

Nude Skincare

My review of Nude Skincare is based on my short-term experience in using 3ml size sent by the kind people at Nude. As usual, clicking on the product name will bring you straight to the relevant webpage, which also has the ingredients list. :)

Cleansing Facial Oil - This nicely scented facial oil works well to dissolve all my make-up, including waterproof mascara, so it gets a thumbs up from me. It's very easy to use: "Warm between hands and massage onto dry face. Apply warm water to form a light milk and rinse clean." See what I mean, it's easier to use than Bloom's Nuts About You. My combination/oily skin seems to like it though it's supposed to be "For normal to dry skins." My skin is acne-prone, so after cleansing with the oil I would do another cleansing with my normal facial cleanser, in case the oil residue stays on and cause acne.

Cleansing Facial Wash - This foaming facial wash is supposed to "effectively removes make-up and pollution leaving skin immaculately clean." I have to say it didn't remove all my make-up completely even when I double-cleansed. So I ended up using it as the 2nd part double-cleansing (after cleansing my face with the facial oil) and as a morning cleanser on it's own. The texture and scent reminded me so much of She Cleanser (my old HG cleanser). The difference: my skin felt a little tight after using Nude facial wash, that's why I'm not really in love with it.

Clarifying Water - The instruction says that it's "not suitable for very sensitive skins." I really wanted the to work for me as it contains rosa damascena flower water, so I tried it anyway. Unfortunately my skin reacted to it, perhaps my skin doesn't like the "BHA from willow bark". So this product is probably more suitable for people with less sensitive skin.

Deep Cleansing Mask
- This mask comes in the form of mousse with tiny grains (organic burity?) in it. "Smooth onto cleansed, dry skin twice a week, after 10 minutes, remove by massaging gently with warm water." My skin felt smoother after application, possibly due to the glycerin and shea butter. I wasn't so keen on the scent though.

Hibiscus Monoi - The gorgeous scent of this Hibiscus scented coconut oil reminds me so much of my old-time favourite Elemis Monoi Melt. In my opinion Nude Hibiscus Monoi wins hands down as the oil is lighter and more easily absorbed by my skin. It worked well as a body moisturiser, keeping my skin nice and smooth. I enjoyed the lingering scent of the oil, as if I was wearing a perfumed body lotion. The oil has the tendency to solidify in cooler weather, just like normal coconut oil. Which isn't a problem as it turns into liquid again on direct contact with the skin.

Verdict: Hibiscus Monoi and Cleansing Facial Oil are on my must-have list now.

Unfortunately the moisturiser dried up in it's packaging, so I can't tell you much about it apart from the lovely scent I could smell when I cut the packaging open. :)


mizzworthy said...

Great reviews there - I'd always encourage people to get samples, especially with a range this pricey - there are so many things I'd love to try from the range - besty get saving up lol xxx

Music said...

Thanks! :) I really love those 2 products I mentioned. I'm interested to try the eye cream.

For a more affordable option, the new brand "Evolve" sounds promising?

Replica said...

Those reviews are really helpful. I was wondering about that "Evolve" brand as well, think I'll check out the ingredients to see if they look ok.

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