Sep 2, 2009

"No Buy" Challenge

News of the day: I'm officially joining the "No Buy" Challenge! According to my friend L, lots of people are NATO (No Action Talk Only) members, so I'm going to prove that I'm part of the minorities. :)
RULES (I nicked them from Blair):
1. NO buying any beauty related products (skincare, cosmetics, hair products, and body-related products) from September 1st to November 1st.
2. The only time you can buy beauty related products is when you’re out of the product and don’t have a spare, and to buy for others as a gift.
3. If you fail, you have to use the beauty products you have and do a makeover. You have to make yourself look like a clown, not a pretty one but an embarrassing one, and post a picture of your face on your blog.

No. 3 is a good incentive, as generally I don't like to take pictures of myself, especially when I'm not looking good. Thinking about it, two months sounds like a long time though. And I was eyeing a new Hermes perfume amongst other things...

Anyway, here's a little "escape" clause, added by request:
EXCEPTION: the remaining points balance on my Boots Advantage Card.
The small print: I also think it's ok to buy magazine that has beauty product giveaways! Hehehe...


GlossQueen said...

Good luck, you can do it!

Blair said...

Awww, thanks for joining!

Two months do sound like a lot, I have no idea what went into my head when I suggested it *urghh*

Would you like me to link you up in my entry? And please do mention your exception, I'm mighty curious about it! :)

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