Sep 1, 2009

Nail Marbling Tutorial

I was intrigued when I saw pictures of Nail Marbling. It seems like something that would suit my personality. You see, generally I like to be different but I don't like to stand out from the crowd too much.

I quite like this (from Beauty and the Blog):
and this (from nevertoomuchglitter):
If you're interested to do Nail Marbling, go to Nihrida's Blog for video tutorial. For pictorial tutorials, go to Creativeten or Oceasia.

I intend to try it when I have some spare time, and when MIL isn't around - in case I make a big mess, so as not to upset her. She's extra-super obsessed with tidiness, a drop of spilled plain water on the table could freak her out... I miss having my own place. Sigh. :(

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