Sep 28, 2009

New Zealand Pictures

My posting has been sporadic as the internet connection here is very patchy at the moment. Also, because hubby and I are on holiday in Devon & Cornwall! :)

We were crossing the Tamar bridge when I suddenly thought of New Zealand. I think looking at the boats must have brought back the memories from our previous life in Auckland, NZ. Below is a picture of Auckland harbour as seen from Devonport.

The next few pictures are views from our rented apartment's top-to-floor windows. Most days we could see the islands miles away as it was on 19th floor. Gorgeous! Though I don't miss living in it as it was a tiny 1-bedroom apartment.

The above is one of the old buildings nearby. The picture doesn't do justice to it...
Rangitoto is an interesting island off Auckland's coast. It has a volcano that looks the same from whichever direction you see it. And yes, we have a partial view of that volcano from our windows! :) Oh how I miss living in NZ...

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