Oct 23, 2009

A'kin Pure Emergency Gel

I love multi-purpose products as in my travels I can't take too many products with me. Why take many different products if I can carry one that works the same? Based on this principle, I was delighted when I received A'kin Pure Emergency Gel from the lovely people at A'kin.

The blurb: "With aloe, d panthenol (proVitamin B5) and chamomile this oil free formula helps to cool, calm and soothe fragile skin. Also great as a light everyday moisturiser on sensitive, fragile or oily skins, and as an after shave or waxing balm."

I've been using it for about 3 weeks (the time that skin takes to renew itself) and I can say that I wish I had found this product earlier. Before I continue, I'd like to say that I'm not being paid to write this. Rest assured that yours truly hasn't turned into a sold-out blogger (read my other comments here). Free or not free product, I always do my best to write an honest review. Enough said. :)

Back to the Emergency Gel. To start with, lovely trip as it was, pigging out on clotted cream and fudge in Devon and Cornwall wrecked a havoc on my skin. Some angry pimples came out on my cheeks plus one big hormonal pimples on my chin. My skin felt sore and red. Dr. Alkaitis serum that's supposed to tackle inflammation didn't help either.

In my desperation I started slapping A'kin Emergency gel on my skin. I didn't even do a patch test first, which was unusual for me, as I always approach new product with caution. Thankfully it worked! When I woke up the next morning my skin was noticeably less red and less bumpy, the size of my two biggest pimples were much reduced. My skin felt soothed and smoother. I've been applying it every night ever since.

For those who like scented product, don't expect other scent apart from aloe vera smell as this gel is "unscented". The transparent gel feels a little sticky on application, though it doesn't take long for it to disappear into my skin. As a day moisturiser it doesn't grab my mineral foundation, as long as I leave it to dry first before applying makeup. I still prefer to use it in the evenings as I could slather as much gel as I like. Also, I've just started using another A'kin product in the mornings - watch the space for the review.

Is it a miracle product? Not if you're expecting this gel to vacuum the house, do the dishes, and cook for you. :) I think it does what it says: reduces skin redness, soothes and calms my skin, providing the right amount of moisture for my current skin condition. It's also a great gel to use after plucking my eyebrows.

One word of warning: expect a very slight stinging sensation if applied to broken skin. I had tiny "ouch moments" when I tried applying the gel on the cuts from the bicycle incident. Yeah, I'm a chicken...

Verdict: my wonder gel of the moment has made a new A'kin convert out of me.

Ingredients: Aqua (purified Australian water), aloe barbadensis leaf juice (20%), panthenol (pro Vit B5) (5%), sorbitol (from GMO free maize), glycerin (botanical source), sclerotium gum, mannitol (and) ammonium glycyrrhizate (and) caffeine (and) zinc gluconate (and) aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) extract, sodium ethylhexylglycerin, sodium gluconate (from GMO free corn), chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract.


Anna said...

My lovely gelled Flamingo, do you this this wonder product would be good after shaving/waxing to reduce redness or do you think it would sting too much?? Any idea about websites that sell this line internationally?? Pity about the fact that it doesn't cook/hoover/peel grapes, I could really use an extra hand most days!!! Be careful with the bike this weekend :-P, xx

Music said...

Hi Anna, hope you're feeling much better today! :) The gel didn't sting when I used it after plucking my eyebrows. It only stings VERY LIGHTLY if applied on big open cuts...

I just checked the international website: http://int.purist.com/ your country isn't there though. In UK & Australia I've seen them stocked in some pharmacies and health shops. Might be worth checking your local health shops or googling in Italian?

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