Oct 27, 2009

The Lion King

I keep on meaning to do a post I promised here about my trip to see a musical in London.
As you can see, hubby & I went to see The Lion King at Lyceum Theatre.
Lion King(s) greeting visitors at Covent Garden's tube gate.

The sights and sounds were truly spectacular. We weren't allowed to take pictures during the show, so here are some pictures from their website so you can have an idea of what we saw.

Musically it was good. The voice of the adult Simba was a bit weak compared to the rest of the cast, which was a shame as he looked gorgeous. :)

The most annoying thing was a tourist nearby who kept on snapping pictures at crucial moments, even after she was being told off by the usher and others around her. The flash ruined a couple of good scenes. I would have wrung her neck if she were to sit any closer to me!! Very inconsiderate and not being sophisticated whatsover. Apart from that, it was a good experience.

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trishiekoh said...

I watch the lion king in sydney a few years ago...really really loved it, the stage/set was amazing!

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