Oct 24, 2009

Brush Dilemma: MAC vs Bobbi Brown

Calling all brush lover: your expertise is desperately needed.

Few days ago I found a shop that has MAC & Bobbi Brown brush sets on sale.

MAC Heirloom 5 pcs brush set (see picture) was amongst them - RRP £39, on sale for about £29. Those exact brushes also came in gold and black bags. There was another set with red handles in a red bag, slightly more expensive than the rest. Thinking about it, I was probably more interested in the bags than the brush. :)

Bobbi Brown 3pcs mini brush set only came in black bag - RRP £39, on sale for about £33. Nothing special with the bag, I was more curious about the quality of the brush.

O You Wise Ones, please enlighten me, are they really worth buying? If yes, which one shall I get - MAC or BB?

Edit: after some contemplation, I think I should go with my head and only get brushes that I really need at the moment. Those above don't include a mini kabuki brush, based on that alone I should investigate other brands. Moral of the story: never get distracted by beautiful bags. :)


GlossQueen said...

I have 1 BB brush and about 5 MAC brushes, so I'm probably not the best person to help you. However, in my opinion they both make amazing brushes so you can't go wrong with either of them.

Alternatively, I have brilliant brushes that I've bought from Alima and Lumiere that are just as good quality as MAC and BB.

My Passport to Style said...

Hi sweetie, thanks for your lovely comments, personally BB every time as a Stylist with working clients to create the right image, thats all I use, love them! Sharon xxooo

Music said...

GQ: that's what I thought. I was just wondering whether brushes from famous brands are really worth paying for...

Sharon: on a whim I'd probably choose anything that has better looking bag. LOL. I know practically I shouldn't do it. :D

Clorivak said...

I am in the need for brushes as well..I don't know what to choose, I might do what you are doing and just get what I need,brush at a time.haha..and yes it it easy to be swayed by those cute little bags.

Music said...

Yes, Clorivak, I'm avoiding THAT shop like a plague now, in case I get swayed by the bags. :)

Beauty Bee said...

My opinion for what it is worth is save your money and buy a set of Sigma makeup brushes. I don't even use my MAC ones any more. Good quality, good price, good product.

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