Oct 28, 2009

Revlon Color Beam Sheer and Shaving Incident

I prefer to keep my fingernails subtle even though I love painting my toe nails in bold colours. Revlon Color Beam Sheer 800 Starlight is a good one to wear when I'm in a slightly blingy mood without wanting to attract too much attention.

Like the name says, it beams a sheer silvery effect that's similar to mother-of-pearl's sheen. It's only 2nd on my "subtle nail polish list" as the staying power isn't as good as my favourite Rimmel French Manicure.

Verdict: great nail polish if you like a bit of sparkles without looking over-the-top.

Now, to the shaving incident. Earlier today my low-maintenance hubby cut himself while shaving, I kindly offered him A'kin Emergency Gel to apply to his bleeding skin. I have to admit I made him my guinea pig, to see whether the gel works well as an after shave. He said it didn't sting and he didn't complain about "smelling girlie" (his common complaint about my lotions & potions) or anything like that. Which means I could smuggle this gel in his washbag the next time I'm travelling! :)

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