Oct 21, 2009

Pretty Nails in Bali

I was looking through some old photos when I came across this from my trip to Bali. I had my nails done on the beach by a local lady who used the sharp bit of a nail file as her only tool to draw ALL the flower patterns from scratch. Amazing. My only contributions? I chose the colours and I paid her very generously to do the rest. :)

Close up picture - a bit blurred thanks to my non-existent photo-cropping expertise... :)


Skye said...

that looks fab
wow only a nail file, what a talented woman

nihrida said...

I just can't comment...I hate you right now! I wanna travel tooooooo! Bali is cool but that abbey in Devon - WOW!!! :))

Clorivak said...

oooo...nice. They have these machines in asia somehwhere,where you put your hands in and you choose a design and you get your nails done..I seen it on tv awhile back. soo cool. I love nail art. I never do it, I just plain old paint them but its such a pretty look and the designs are endless.

Music said...

@Sky: most of the local ladies I met there could do patterns free-hand. Amazing.

@nihrida: come and visit me then! :)

@Clorivak: I haven't seen those machine. I wonder whether it's in Japan or somewhere cool like that...

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