Oct 14, 2009

Smooth-365 Intensive Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum

With a long name like Smooth-365 Intensive Clarity + Smoothing Peptide Serum and all the hype when it was first launched I had high hopes for this serum. Especially when the blurb on the packaging says this: "Results: Immediately: 71% measurable improvement in skin clarity in clinical studies. After 4 weeks: 3 out of 4 subjects felt their skin was velvety smooth. After 8 weeks: 52% visible reduction in lines and wrinkles in clinical studies."

I have been using this serum for about 6 months, minus the time when I had chicken pox. In general I like the way it makes my skin feel smooth after application - I guess that must be the silicones working. I wanted to love it, but discovered that my face doesn't like it. I persevered for a few weeks before stopped using it on my face as it caused congestion on my skin. My neck didn't react to it, so I ended up using it as a neck serum.

Like mentioned in my previous post I'm trying to deal with some pesky lines on my neck, so I've been watching it closely to see whether the serum does something. I wanted to see whether it really does what it says on the webpage: "Smooth-365™ improves skin 3 different ways, 365 days: Clarity-promoting extracts perfect skin tone for a more uniform, translucent complexion. Optical diffusers instantly, weightlessly and invisibly blur imperfections, lines and wrinkles. High-tech power peptides—in an effective delivery system—surge on to wrinkles, helping to ramp up the natural collagen production that helps keep skin firm and less lined."

Going by their clinical result claim, I'm with the 29% who couldn't see any improvement of "skin clarity", whatever that means. Obviously my skin isn't going translucent as I can't see the inner parts of my neck, to my relief, as I don't want to be known as "the lady with the transparent neck"!! Though I could be famous if I were to have a transparent neck. LOL.

Back to the topic. I'm also with the 48% who couldn't see any reduction in lines. The lines on my neck are still as visible as my Flamingo coloured toes. Therefore I conclude that this serum does nothing for my skin. My conclusion is backed up by an almost empty bottle of serum as the result of 6 months "private trial" - sponsored only by myself. :)

Would I like to receive a year's supply of this serum for free? No, thanks, I'd rather receive a year's supply of Godiva chocolates.

Verdict: it doesn't work for me.

Disclaimer: no animals harmed during my private trial, no offense intended. I can't be held responsible for any grieve caused by wanting to eat posh chocolates after reading this post.


My Passport to Style said...

Back atcha Godiva chocolates v face cream, chocolates win hands down every time!Or coffee, depending on whether you visited my blog or not! Sharon xxoo

Anna said...

Oh, you're too funny! Must be the flamingo on your toes! I also like that you keep having a dig at the sold-out bloggers, hehe...Anyways, like you, if something doesn't work on my face or if I get a sample which is so totally not for my skin type it'll end up on my neck...or on my legs!
PS: think about it, if the serum had worked you'd also have got transparent hands...not good for a music player, eh? ;-)

Music said...

Sharon, I'm an ex-coffee addict who is trying to be good and stay away from temptations. Well, I had a tiny little peep on your post. :p

Anna, hello there *waving* - can you see my magic hands? The flamingos have gone too deep in my systems now. Hehe...

My Passport to Style said...

Hi there, it's chocolate coffee and prune! Sharon xxoo

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