Oct 5, 2009

'Dear Diary' week: 5-11 Oct

Thought I'd start the week by joining the 'Dear Diary' week. Here's what Lauren said about it: "... a week-long collaboration between myself and Sharon of My Passport to Style. We have a jam packed week in store for you, including interviews, guest bloggers, fun stuff and more – and it’s all to help raise funds for cervical cancer.We’re urging you to make that date in your diary and book that all-important cervical smear– as well as helping us to aid such a worthwhile cause."

The reason I'm joining this campaign is because personally I don't really know much about cervical cancer. I've lost a very good friend to breast cancer and earlier this year I lost my grandad to prostate cancer. What's more, FIL's mum died of breast cancer, his sister is in remission from one, and the sister's daughter had a cancer scare not long ago.

With this kind of background, I think anything that raises awareness about any type of cancer is brilliant. If you're still reading this, I'm hoping you'd like to join me in spreading the word about this campaign. Simply grab this button and display it on your blog for this whole week.

Now to a little update about my 2 weeks break in Devon & Cornwall. Hubby & I ate loads of Cornish pasties, flavoured fudge (I especially love chocolate and rum & raisins), cornish ice cream (chocolate one, of course!), Domino's chicken tikka pizza, and some yummy Indian curries made by hubby's cousin who is a trained cheff. Pure indulgence. :)


GlossQueen said...

Sounds like you had a lovely break. Nothing beats the cornish pasties and fudge that you get there.

Music said...

I think I ate too much fudge, at the end of the trip I actually felt I couldn't eat another one of those sweets! LOL.

My Passport to Style said...

So sorry to hear about your losses and what must have been very difficult experiences!Thank-you again, for being proactive and flying the flag for encouraging women to have smear tests. It so very relvant and important as Cervical Cancer is the 2nd highest type of Cancer contracted by women globally! Sharon xxoo

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