Oct 9, 2009

Red and Blue

When I was a toddler I had a pair of red shoes. My mum said that was the time when I went through the stage of loving all things red: red dress (with red fluffy-feathery scarf to go with it), red jumper, red bag, red lunch box, red plastic chair, red lego bricks, and little red train toy. I think I never really grown out of my love of anything red. The only thing I don't normally wear is red lipstick. I guess I'm not brave enough to sport it.

Talking about all things red brings me to one of my favourite perfumes: Lancome Magnifique. The nutty scent never fails to bring smile to my face. It's the perfume I turn to whenever I'm feeling blue. The sweetness of the scent is just right, I get headache whenever I smell perfumes that are sickeningly sweet (eg. Kylie Minogue's perfumes).

My love affair with Magnifique started when a sales assistant in Perth gave me a "sneak whiff" and a sample vial a few weeks before it was launched last year. She sprayed some on my arm, asked me to go around the shop before telling her what I thought about it. The scent was so gorgeous I couldn't stop smelling my arm afterwards. I was hooked! Later on that day, a lady who lived on the same apartment block complemented me on my choice of perfume and asked for the perfume's name. That same day hubby said he loved the scent. Obviously the perfume suits me really well. :)

Since then I've received many complements everytime I wear it. I don't use it daily as I don't want my nose to get used to the scent. I use it for special occasions or when I need an instant mood-lifter.

Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible
is another perfume with red packaging that I like. The smell reminds me of Magnifique. Not quite the same scent, but similar enough. I can't remember exactly why I haven't bought this one yet.

So those perfumes are amongst my favourite red things. What are yours?


Grace London said...

I am a red lipstick girl. Nothing makes me feel more confident than a killer red lip.

I also love red converse, red bags and red t-shirts.

Anna said...

Hello Music! It's so funny because I really disliked red when I was a teenager, something to do with not wanting to be noticed too much I guess! But now I love it so much, it is indeed an uplifting colour, much like Lancome's Magnifique is for your mood! In keeping with your theme, my favourite red perfume is Paco Rabanne Black XS for women, the bottle is so gorgeous and it smell so yummy, just right for Winter! xx
PS: I love the way you write + you're so lucky to have lived in Australia!!

Music said...

@Grace: I wish I have the confidence to wear red lipstick! :)

@Anna: Thanks! I miss OZ, that's why I write about it so much. Nowadays I only wear red as accent colour. I don't want to look like a sore thumb especially in places where everyone seems to layer their blacks (hello, Melbourne! Hehe...)

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