Oct 14, 2009

Barry M Nail Paints I Own So Far

Sometime ago I wrote about Barry M Nail Paints here. Today I'm showing you the 4 colours I own so far.

Shades from left to right:
- Pink Flamingo (NP305)
- Block Orange (NP301)
- Turquoise (NP295)
- Vivid Purple (NP161)

I bought the Block Orange and Turquoise ages ago, and won the other two on a Barry M competition. I don't receive any remuneration for writing about it and I don't get any commission for providing a link to their website. Why am I telling you this? After the recent online brouhaha about bloggers and companies, I felt compelled to write this, just to cover my backside, in case anyone ever accuse me of being one of the "sold-out bloggers". Hehehe...


nihrida said...

Love the turquoise and purple one! :)

Anna said...

Hello Music! Is Pink Flamingo as nice as they all say (in person)? It appears to be all the rage in the UK right now, but perhaps the other bloggers I've read are the "sold-out" ones, hehe! Love the Vivid Purple...though perhaps I should say so on the following post! xx

Music said...

@nihrida: I thought the purple would suit you well. :)

@Anna: LOL. It's a very new shade, perhaps that's why it's all the rage now. In my case it wasn't love at the first sight, inside the bottle it looked more peach than pink. It looks better/more pinky on the nails.

Clorivak said...

Very pretty! I must go do my nails today,I have some teal I'd like to try. :)

Music said...

You should post it on your blog once you've done it, I love teal! :)

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