Jul 27, 2009


Not long ago we stopped by Bradford-upon-Avon when we were on our way to visit friends in Bath.
According to the webpage, the town's name came from the fact that the Town Bridge crosses the 'broad ford' on the Avon. The above picture is a view from the top of the said bridge, taken by hubby. The photo below shows a little part of the bridge.
It's a nice little town with quirky old buildings: old houses built with Cotswolds stones and old cottages oozing with characters. I especially love the winding roads and tiny alleyways. Pretty, aren't they?! :)


Clorivak said...

ooo...these are great photos! I adore european cities. Thanks for visiting my blog and being a follower. I'm excited to read yours!
Take Care!!

The Princess said...

Amazing Pictures. I really need a vacation and europe would be great!

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