Jul 15, 2009

kit cosmetics Kabuki Brush

kit cosmetics Kabuki Brush is the most expensive brush I have, something that in my opinion is worth every penny. In the past I've tried using cheaper ones that felt scratchy on the skin - I can tell you they are just a waste of money, leaving my skin itching and irritated in the process.

In a way this cute kabuki brush has turned me into a brush snob. The soft natural hair glides smoothly on my skin. I use it to apply my favourite kit cosmetics Mineral Foundation (see my review here).

My only complaint: it did not come with a little bag to house it. I've seen other kabuki brush that comes with a little holder that looks like a big travelling lipstick holder, if you get what I mean. Of course I was tempted to buy it so I can house this brush properly. But then, I would need to find another home for the other brush. Oh, the dilemma... Thus for the moment it has to be content sitting in the original dodgy plastic case that's already broken in places.

Verdict: love it! Would be perfect if a cute brush holder was included, so it could travel in my handbag easily.

1 comment:

GlossQueen said...

I've never looked at Kit brushes, I'm going to check them out, not that I need another kabuki brush.

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