Jul 10, 2009

The Fat-Burning Lip Balm

Burner Energy Lip Balm claims it boosts energy, suppresses hunger and burns fat.

Intrigued? Read the article here.

I'm not convinced. It's very affordable though...


Nailz-In-Aus said...

lol thats the funniest thing ive ever heard,what will be next lol

Kschenke said...

Yeah, this looks pretty scammy to me.

Maybe it just tastes bad and makes you not want to eat.

Music said...

True... well, thankfully I don't need to lose weight! :)

Lip balm said...

A latest innovation is a lip balm which helps in burning fat. It helps in controlling food cravings and also bolstering energy levels. Its contents have appetite suppressing and metabolism boosting properties that are simply a lick away. The doctor has proclaimed that those having used his product have cited weight loss ranging from 6lbs to 10lbs. There are some people who have not benefited from it.

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