Aug 12, 2009

Barry M Nail Paints

The first two Barry M Nail Paints I bought are:

Turquoise and the newest Block Orange.

After using them a couple of times, I'm not surprised that this brand been voted as Best Inexpensive Nail Polish in InStyle's Best Beauty Buys for 2009.

Firstly, the number of colours on sale are mind-boggling. I counted there are 64 different shades sold on their website: "Covering the whole colour spectrum-from pure white to decadent red. There are metallic pearls, mattes and shimmering finishes to suit every mood and taste. All Nail Paints are in a quick-drying base suitable for natural or acrylic nails."

Secondly, the vibrant colours lasted more than a week without chipping.

Thirdly, the colour comes out as vivid as the colour you see in the bottle, one or two thin layers are all I need. I've used more expensive brands that weren't as good as I had to pile on the polish to get the colour I wanted.

Verdict: I'm buying more colours from the collection soon!! :)

Ingredients: click here for the full list.

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