Aug 7, 2009

Swine Flu - Part 2

The above picture is from Slate Magazine.

Thanks everyone for your kind words after my Swine Flu diagnosis. :) It's like a "normal" flu IMO. Very sore throat, cough, fever, bunged up sinus and ears, sore muscles, nauseous, basically feeling very weak and woozy in general. I was given Relenza: an antiviral inhalation powder, taken by mouth so it can go straight to the lungs.

Since my last post I've been sleeping and resting in the bedroom, in case I'm passing it on to PIL. Hubby has been great, I just need to lift a finger and ask him to fetch me drinks, food, etc. Hehehe... He even managed to cook dinner and do the laundry, with a little bit of instructions!!! At the moment he's off to the library to borrow some books for me to read. Isn't he nice?! :D

I suspect he's feeling a little guilty, since we moved back to UK I've had chicken pox and now swine flu. Sometimes I wonder whether I would have been healthier if we were moving to NZ instead... Oh well, whatever happened, happened for good reasons.

When I had chicken pox one of my best friends told me that I wasn't trendy since it wasn't a "popular" disease to catch this year. At least now I can say that I've caught the trendiest flu. Even my cousins were impressed when I told them about it. One of them asked, "Is it curable?" to which I replied, "Well, worse come to worst I'll end up looking like a swine." Hehehe... I think I sound like a bragging optimist now. :)

Fingers crossed I get better soon. I don't like staying in bed for too long.


Robin said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery:)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe...your so funny Music, at least you still have your sense of humour. No swine or (MIL) can take that away from you!...LOL

*Kisses* & *hugs* get better soon.

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