Aug 27, 2009

Bicycles, Being Chic, and My Photo

When I was very young I had a tricycle. The rainbow coloured ribbons on the handlebars used to fly wildly whenever I terrorized Micie, our poor dog. Naturally when I got older my parents bought me "proper" bicycle: a red BMX (the most coveted brand in Asia at that time). I thought everyone in the neighbourhood would envy me once I was on that bike! :)

The euphoria didn't last long though. An accident happened not long after. I remember practicing cycling on an empty car-racing track with my cousins. I don't remember exactly what happened next. I probably ventured out of the ground to the nearby street when a motorbike knocked me over. My bicycle turned into a heap of mess, I was in a mess, and that was the last time I rode a bicycle...

Fast forward to the present. Last month I was on the train back from London when a newspaper article caught my attention. It was about different companies that sell interesting cycling accessories. There was also a competition on the same page. The main prezzie was a bicycle with accessories included. I couldn't decide whether I'd like to take up cycling again, in case I win, so I kept the newspaper for my reference.

The following evening I still thought about the bicycle. My heart told me that I should submit my details on internet. So I did. I told hubby, if I happen to win, it would mean that God wants me to take up cycling again.

Guess what, I actually won!! I received the good news when I was down with swine flu. Imagine that! Isn't that strange how things turn out sometimes... After all I've been through recently, chicken pox and all, the news came like some sort of "reward" for my "sufferings". Perhaps it's restitution from God? Whatever that is, I'm not complaining, a happy Music I still am! :)

Anyway, the bicycle is absolutely stunning, miles better than the red BMX I had! It's a Velorbis Danneborg with 3 gears, in fire engine red, of course! It has a beautiful leather seat and pretty white wheels. I'm not really bicycle-savvy, but I think I know a good thing when I see one. :)

I met the gorgeous Caz from Cyclechic when I picked it up. She kindly let me choose the helmet and the colour of Knog Frog lights. I love black, so I chose a black Yakkay helmet that comes with herringbone patterned cover. As for the lights, I chose one black (for the rear) and one white (for the front). I'm also a proud owner of a cream coloured Satchel Pannier. A fantastic and generous collection of prezzies, don't you think?! :)

If you love cycling but "refuse to be another Lycra clad anorak", check out the trendy stuffs available at Cyclechic and read Caz' blog here. Even if you don't like cycling but just want to see more picture of moi, head straight to her blog! :)

P.S. Someone has promised to get me this chic Yakkay Tokyo helmet cover once I'm up and about with the bike again! ^.^


Dottie said...

I saw this on London Cycle Chic and wanted to say congratulations. Definitely a sign that you should start cycling again! Brush up on the rules of the road and you'll be fine. Cycling is the best and most fun way around the city, for sure.

Music said...

Thanks! :) I think I'll take it slowly, I'm still a little traumatized by my childhood accident...

Lorenza said...

I come from London Cycle Chic too :) and may I add to the congratulations??? You have a great bike there!! Take it nice and slowly at first, maybe with some friends and bit by bit you will discover how much fun cycling is!! All the best :D xxx

Xander N' Dante said...

congrats from Toronto on the lovely kit... now you have to find out how to get your hubby to be your riding partner in style..

can't wait for the update post..


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