Aug 18, 2009

The CrazySticks: Solid Perfume in A Stick

Being on the move quite a bit doesn't always go well with my love of perfumes. Especially after airlines started to limit your on-board liquid allowance, I'm always in a dilemma as to which perfumes I'd take with me. Granted I have travel size/miniature bottles of my most favourites (Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, Lancome Magnifique, and Bvlgary). Like all liquids, leaking is always a possibility. Sure, I can always take solid perfumes, but they're quite difficult to find as not everyone does them. Currently I have none, nil, zilch, nada solid ones in my possession.

So I'm overjoyed when I found out that Crazylibellule has "Crazy Stick: Solid Perfume in A Stick". What a good idea! I can carry one (or two, or perhaps three?) in my handbag. I mean, if some girls are carrying more than one lip product in their bag, surely I'm allowed to carry more than one perfume sticks with me. Not being a lip-addict = more perfume space in the bag. :)

Take a look at pictures of the pretty packaging I've stucked all-over this post, aren't they chic!

No paraben? I like! The next time I'm in the big smoke (= London) I'm going to Fenwick to check the scents out! :)

Edit: since I wrote this I found out that apparently they contain petrolatum and paraffin, which might be of concern to some people. I'm not a die-hard "naturalist" and I'm still not sure about my stand with petrolatum as I've read many conflicting things written about it. For now if the scent is good enough I'd still be interested to try it, petrolatum or non-petrolatum. Sadly I didn't have time to go to Fenwick on my last trip to the big smoke. (20/09/09)

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