Aug 4, 2009

Exceptionnel de Chanel

I've just realized that as a self-confessed "mascara addict" I haven't written anything about mascara whatsoever! Too much playing with them, not enough time to write about them... :)

Well, it's about to change now. I'm pleased to report that I've just finished my third tube of Exceptionnel de Chanel - Intense Volume and Sensational Curl Mascara. It comes in four dense and intense colours: Smoky Noir, Smoky Brun, Smoky Marine and Smoky Violine. Smoky Noir is my favourite as it makes my black eyelashes blacker.

The very first few times I used it I didn't like it. I can't remember exactly why. I think one of the reasons was I didn't use it properly. Once I learnt how to use it I became addicted to it (click here for Chanel's own instruction video).

The advert says that it's supposed to be "volumizing, curling, and lasting mascara". Here is my assessment of the claims:

- Volumizing: the effect is very noticeable - my eyelashes look thicker, as if I've had added some extra lashes. My long eyelashes look longer and I don't need to use eyeliner when I'm using this mascara.
- Curling: no curling effect whatsoever. I don't mind though as the consistency is so good compared to other mascaras I've used.
- Lasting: yes, it doesn't give me panda eyes, able to withstand humidity. Can only be removed with oil-based cleanser.

My only complain: it's so expensive, I can't bear to throw it out after 3 months (the recommended time span for keeping a mascara after it's first use). So I don't throw this mascara away until it starts to dry out in the tube or starts flaking on my eyes = definitely more than 3 months! LOL.

Verdict: my HG mascara to date.


Clorivak said...

oooo...I am also a mascara addict! I must check this out...its so hard spending so much money though. I usually use the classic pink mascara i think its by blackest black. it works great but i am craving something with a nicer wand. It feels nice to mix it up.

Music said...

I shouldn't have tried this Chanel mascara in the first place, I like it so much I haven't found better one so far!

Anonymous said...

For day wear I'm using the Maybelline green one. I have the pink one to try next. Yes, it's good to mix it up a bit Clorivak, I agree. I haven't tried the Chanel mascara yet Music...I'll look out for it:)

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