Jun 11, 2009

Rimmel French Manicure

There's always a first time for everything. My very first foray to the world of French manicure nail polish shades only started a couple of months ago. Prior to that I only used clear or coloured nail polishes on my fingernails. Somehow I wasn't attracted to try French manicure's light pink shades, a bit too "chalky" for my liking.

Or so I thought. Until the moment I tried Rimmel's French Manicure 442 French Rose with Lycra + minerals. The subtle pink makes my nails look naturally healthy without being overtly shiny.

It does what the bottle says, "Up to 10 days super durable colour." Even when I do lots of things with my hands the polish doesn't chip easily. Which is a rare thing, most nail polishes lasted barely a week on my busy fingers. So I'm very impressed, especially after on one occasion it actually lasted 14 days! Even on those occasions when it didn't last that long, my nails still look respectably sophisticated.

Verdict: a must-have product in my (used to be huge) nail polish collection.

P.S. Forgot to mention that it also has fantastic brush! :)

1 comment:

Marie Reed said...

14 days! Holy Cow! I'll so look for it!

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