Nov 13, 2009

Cosline Green Tea Mask

I've just finished Cosline Green Tea Mask (wash off type) I bought from SaSa on my last trip to Singapore. That was last April, how time flies!

From what I can read from the package, this "Green Tea Natural Powder Pack" is made in Korea. Apart from that and the ingredients list, I can't read anything else on the package. All thanks to my very dodgy Chinese reading skill (couldn't be bothered to learn properly when I was a child - to my regret) and my non-existent knowledge of Korean language. Means I can't tell you what it's supposed to do.

Goggling it didn't help either. I tried typing in the address of the korean website, it didn't want to give me access. So you have to make do with what I can tell you.

- the mask has cooling effect on my skin, even when I mixed the powder with warm water: I like.

- it has yummy green tea scent: I like.

- my skin feels tighter and smoother after application: I like.

- my skin gets a bit red (well, it was more like pinky than red) afterwards, but no stingy/uncomfortable feeling: so I use it in the evenings.

- the sachet lasts a long time, very economical (not including flight tickets to S'pore): I like.

- powder mask can be messy: I sometimes like, I sometimes don't.

Verdict: I can't really make up my mind, as it caused temporary pinkness on my skin. I'm also a little suspicious that sometimes it caused a little "purging". So I'm going to try the other 2 masks I bought from the same range before letting you know whether I like them.

P.S. Sorry if the tone of the post come across as un-friendly, I'm quite tired after travelling for 9 hours straight today. I'm going to have a nice hot shower and try out a NEW scrub that's not even on sale yet. You have to wait for another post to find out more. :D

Ingredients: Starch, Wheat, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA, Kaolin, Diatomite, Methyl Paraben, Green Tea, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Alginic Acid, D.P.G.


Belowen said...

I find anything with green tea on it is always really soothing on my skin. Unfortunately I wont be going back to Singapore for a while, so I won't be able to get this mask! lol!

Music said...

Try Sasa online, they might still :D have it. I saw the chestnut one on sale there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, which singapore store did you get the mask from? (:

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