Nov 23, 2009

CSI England: The Crime Scene

You have seen pictures of the suspects, it's time to reveal more about the crime committed not long ago in Fowey, Cornwall, United Kingdom. As a surviving eyewitness I'm going to help you see the events in pictures, from the victim's point-of-view, not long before he fell victim to one of the most outrageous crime in history (read: his-story). This is where the story begins.
We're getting closer to the crime scene now.Below the crime scene:
Next time I'll tell you the crime itself. Watch the space.


nihrida said...

Wonderful! I wish I lived there...

Music said...

I wish I lived there, too. :)

The Poor Little Rich Girls said...

Great blog, really interesting....amazing pics
The Poor Little Rich Girl's. x

Kat_RN said...

I shall have to keep coming back for the story. Great photos. Next stop, your Banbury post. I used to live in King's Sutton, very near there.

Music said...

@PLRG: thanks. Some of my best pictures were taken with 35mm film camera - all in the storage at the moment. These picts were taken with hubby's digital camera.

@Kat: I'm not familiar with King's Sutton. Perhaps I'll ask PIL whether they've been there. :)

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