Nov 26, 2009

Dr. Hauschka Daily Face Care Kit

A few months ago I decided to buy Dr. Hauschka Daily Face Care Kit for Oily Skin when my face seemed to be more oily than fried aubergine saturated in oil, it was as if an oil rig had decided to move in!!! I think it was the after-effect of having adult chicken pox.

Originally I only wanted to get the Rejuvenating Mask but didn't want to splurge on the full size without trying it first - in case my skin reacted to it. I was also interested to have a little try of everything, thus buying the this "deep cleansing kit" seemed to be the perfect solution. In no order of importance, here's what I think about them.

Cleansing Cream - I really wanted this to work as I like the pressing and rolling movements that are supposed to be used with it. Sadly my skin became congested everytime I used it.

Clarifying Toner - Although it contains alcohol, it didn't irritate my skin like other "alcoholic" toner do (Clinique, I'm talking about you!). It's this toner that helped to tone down the oiliness without drying my skin.

Normalizing Day Oil - I still can't make up my mind about it. Firstly, I'm not so keen on the smell. Secondly, I've read about cocoa butter being acnegenic, so I'm a bit suspicious of products that has it in the ingredients list. I've used it a few times with mixed result: first few times my skin seemed to have no problem with it, on other occasions my skin developed some acnes after using the oil. IMO it's probably better suited for people who don't have acne-prone skin like me.

Facial Steam Bath - As the name suggests, it's to be mixed with water for facial steaming. I love the gorgeous scent. Apart from that, I'm not sure whether it actually did anything for my skin.

Rejuvenating Mask - I like the fact that I can put this mask on before sleep to wake up with a smoother/plumper skin. It hasn't really had any effect on my flat red marks/scarring like it claimed to be, so I only use it for treat when my combination skin feels in need of an extra moisturising boost. I really love the scent.

Cleansing Clay Mask - once it's mixed with water (plus a sprinkle of Facial Steam Bath), it has smoother consistency to other clay masks I've used. I love the herby smell. I found it troublesome to follow the instruction to keep my face "damp at all times" in the 10 minutes of using it. Not surprising, really, since I'm a girl who likes slap-it-and-leave-it approach when it comes to face masks.

Verdict: I would probably re-purchase the Clarifying Toner, Rejuvenating Mask, and Cleansing Clay Mask again. Especially if they're priced better. :)


Replica said...

Thats a really great review ! I've not tried that brand before, I had looked at them but was surprised by the alcohol listed in some of the products.

Music said...

I know! Surprisingly the alcohol content didn't dry out my skin. Yesterday I was very tired after a long day, so I didn't post the ingredients list as usual. I shall remember to post them sometime, hopefully soon....

Clorivak said...

I bought this trial kit too awhile back and was quite disappointed. I've been having acne issues since I was 13, I'm's so annoying. A friend of mine uses this and it did wonders for her skin,her skind GLOWS. I guess everybody just needs to find what works for them. I wasn't particularly fond of some of the smells,like you.
Do you have good suggestions for spots?

Thanks for asking about my new spot...things are going well...I really like Ottawa,its great. Lots to do, lots of great restaurants,etc etc..:) We have still yet to meet some friends..its hard when you move,it takes awhile to connect with and meet like minded people..but that will come with time.

I hope all is well with you and I always LOVE reading your reviews!!!
Take Care...

Blair said...

Never tried Dr Hauschka's products! I'm glad that some of them are working well for you =D

Music said...

@Blair: I still think they're too expensive for what they are! :)

@Clorivak: that's the trouble, what works for me might not work for you. :( I've been thinking about doing a post about spots/acne, I might do it quicker for your benefit. :) Good to hear you're settling well.

mizzworthy said...

Great review - this sounds like it might be best suited to people with dry skins? x

Music said...

Why the "oily skin" label then??! Perhaps it's better for oily people who don't have acne problem. Hm, I'm confusing myself now. LOL.

Lorien BeautyLove said...

I never buy facial kits, I mean yeah theyre good value, but I only like like 30% or the products! Heard good stuff bout this brand though!!!!

Music said...

Lorien, I only buy kits when I want to try a new brand out. That way I have a few products to play with before deciding whether to buy/not to buy the full size. :D

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