Nov 19, 2009

Ready Money...

Guess the connection between this:
And these:

Left: Suspect A

Right: Suspect B


Anna said...

Erm...the two suspects (though they looks suspiciously like the same bird!) pooped on you while you were visiting the National trust copse? OR the trees in the RM Copse are fertilized using bird dung and you skidded over it while cycling through and to feel better about the incident you bought a new mascara and while you were at it, also a couple of eyeliners???? HAahha! Dunno! xx

Music said...

Hahahaha... Nope. I'll tell you the story soon.:D Perhaps I should do giveaway for people who can tell me the best story for the picts. LOL.

Anna said...

Gotcha! Cornwall! Birds! Daphne Du Maurier! Alfred Hitchcock! I'm not just a pretty face, am I???? xx

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